Making the Blessed John Duns Scotus Film

An Interview with Fr. Alphonse Bruno, FI, the Producer

An Article By Fr. Louis Maximilian Smith, FI

An inside look at the film produced by the Franciscans of the Immaculate in Italy--"Duns Scotus: Defender of the Immaculate Conception." A personal interview with the film's producer, Fr. Alphonse M. Bruno, FI, and the action behind the scenes.

A New Franciscan Mission in Chad, Africa

Extending the Work of Marian Evangelization to Africa

An Article by Fr. Louis Maximilian Smith, FI

Divine Providence has provided additional means of evangelization for the Franciscans of the Immaculate, who have recently sent two friars to start a new mission in the northern African country of Chad, under the auspices of Bishop Michele Russo of the Diocese of Doba.

War, Peace and Our Lady of All Nations

Relating the Keypoint of History to the Messages of Mary

An Article by Fr. Peter Damien Fehlner, FI

"Dr. Richard Russell, a recent convert to Catholicism, is a well-known student of contemporary international relations, in particular of international security and military strategy. He is therefore well qualified to comment on the themes of war and peacein two of the most important appearances of Mary during the last century."

Our Lady of Prompt Succor: "Victory is Ours"

The History Behind Mary's Title and Devotion

An Article by Sr. Faustina Olson, FHI

The Shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, under the care of the French Ursuline nuns, is situated in New Orleans on a spacious parcel of land shaded by tall oaks. The large Church houses two miraculous statues of Our Lady and is outlined with exquisite stainedglass windows. The Nuns established a convent in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1727. The convent boasts the oldest school for girls, which continues to this day.

The Marian Principle of Growth in Holiness

Knowing Mary's Active Role in Our Spiritual Life

An Article by Fr. Maximilian Dean, FI

“We are in need of these three things if the divine words are to be efficacious in us: namely, that the divine word (1) enlighten us in our intellect; (2) purify us in our affections; and (3) perfect us in our works or in its effects. And we cannot do this without the intervention of the glorious Virgin.” — St. Bonaventure

Are You Afraid of Mary Coredemptrix?

A Simple Explanation of a Beautiful Title of Mary

An Article by Dr. Mark Miravalle

What is your first response when you hear someone refer to the Mother of Jesus Christ as the “Coredemptrix”? Extreme? Excessive pietism, even if well-intended? Heresy? After all, only Jesus is the Redeemer. If not directly heresy, then extremely dangerous? At least anti-ecumenical?

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